Handmade in Italy

The In.­Zu’s creative gesture is that emotional significance standing between the form and the function of the object.

The intense personalization and the continuous re-interpretation of the object’ s use and semantic abstract it from its primary function: its value is not only made up by the function the object performs, but also by the new, intangible, precious experiences it can evoke.

The design is simple, clean, never casual, attentive to each ergonomic detail; it joins with sophistication the object’s constituent elements with high aesthetic and connotative features.

The ceaseless experimentation of tailoring solutions and of refined textile constructions combines with an instinctive passion for the research on materials, always technical, strong, advanced.

Designer, tailors and pattern makers cohabit in a passionate and constructive confrontation, making In.Zu an inspired synthesis between creative workroom, textile handicraft, industrial design. A place of production and research, stretched out in welcoming and internalizing the end user’s feedback to make a continuous improvement.

In.Zu is thus able to face fearless the international market and, at the same time, to design exclusive products for each specific need, not only for companies, but also for events and TV productions.

In.Zu, from 2004, is an Italian idea, creation and research. From a project by Elena Zuin.