Versatile, light, easy to care for and fashionable

For its spontaneous approach to creativity, IN.ZU is fashion and design, art and craftsmanship, function and emotion all at once. Founded in 2004 by Elena Zuin, who currently runs the project together with Ruediger Witcher, IN.ZU is a laboratory of ever-evolving ideas, a space for experimentation and research, from which new textile products with a strong contemporary spirit are born every day.

Handbags, aprons and accessories with unexpected geometrical decorations are constructed with an architectural attitude to craftsmanship. Top quality fabrics are used unconventionally and, with painstaking attention to detail, they are transformed through the technical and sartorial savoir faire proper to the Made in Italy. Sold in metropolitan concept stores and in the bookshops of international museums, the everyday objects created by IN.ZU are a perfect combination of essential and versatile, complex and light, aesthetically pleasing and functionally smart.